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The Beginning

Our adventures in converting cargo trailers started out as a way to save money and cut out the fluff.

After looking at many factory toy haulers, it was decided to buy a plain cargo trailer and build in just the functionality that we wanted.

We love to travel with our motorcycles and visit new places, so our first priority was a secure way of hauling our bikes, and a comfortable place to sleep, wherever we might end up.

The Evolution

It soon became apparent to us that solar power was a necessity to provide lights and run a 12V cooler. So we designed a system and found we could easily spend a week on the road without the need to plug in.

Trial & Error

You might say we have been there...Done that

We have tried a lot of different ways of doing things, and have figured out what works...and what doesn't.

Lessons Learned

A couple trailers later and lots of smiles on the road, we have figured out a few things. So, Let us put our experience to work for you.

Go Green

Light up your RV using the sun

harness the sun

Store the sun's energy in an onboard battery system

Electrical Power

Convert the sun's energy to electricity to power your RV